About Us


Evangeline's opens on K Street in a beautiful, historic building, the Howard House in Old Sacramento. All of the buildings in Old Sacramento are in the process of restoration to their original Gold Rush era spender. The owner, Dorothea Evangeline Chaussé, is delighted with the location because it is a perfect fit with the original concept of the store selling antiques.

1975 to 1984

Business is good! But not the antique business! The store is evolving and changing and the product mix becomes more what you see today: toys, funny cards and other silly, precious things. The store expands! Disco is king and the hottest discotheque in town is right upstairs at D.O. Mills. The importance of this will be revealed later….


Dorothea retires and give the keys to her daughter Deborah who will now have to “settle down.” The store has added Halloween costumes to the mix of merchandise and as disco dims so does D.O. Mills, which closes for good.


Evangeline's expands to 4800 sq. ft, taking over the entire ground floor space of the Howard House and the Lady Adams building.


Evangeline's Costume Mansion is created in the upstairs space formally occupied by D.O.Mills. The transformation from restaurant and disco to costume store is completed by August and the first seasonal opening is a huge success.


Evangeline's and the “Mansion” as we call it, are continuing to do well. The Mansion celebrates 20 years of business. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we started selling things online. It was rough at first, since we are pretty old fashioned. But hey, time to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!